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Homecoming leverages the financial, social and human capital of its former residents in order to stimulate the economic and social progress of the city.

Our annual event was designed to encourage the women and men who grew up in Detroit and its metro area to use their individual success for the collective benefit of their hometown. Our expat attendees are able to travel to Detroit from their new cities and be immersed in the inner-workings of local revitalization efforts, reconnect with their hometown, be surrounded by fellow former residents and become inspired to make a difference.

After attending Detroit Homecoming expats are required to begin or complete an outcome in the city or metro area. Such outcomes can include pro-bono volunteer projects, real estate or startup investments, company or project relocation to Detroit, new partnerships with local companies or city government, or business attraction.




They are committed and
ready to make an impact. 

So many Detroiters left the city in search of new adventures or critical economic opportunities. However, while these expats used their talent and hard work to achieve success in other cities and countries, Detroit remained a core part of their identity.

  • Traveling from around the US and the globe, Detroit expat attendees of Homecoming provide first-degree connections to various governments, universities, startups and corporations.
  • Expats are able to build meaningful relationships with one another as well local community leaders, startup founders and company executives
  • Our expats are passionate about their hometown. Through our programming and networking opportunities, this passion has converted into substantive action
What Expats say About Homecoming

Detroit Homecoming has put on full display the beauty of Detroit’s resilience and her grandeur. It pushed me to take action and invest significant personal resources in the transformational resurgence of my hometown. I love the D!

Ebbie ParsonsFounder, Yardstick Management

By attending Detroit Homecoming, I have made numerous connections in Detroit both in the metropolitan area as well in the United states and have supported numerous small businesses through the sharing of ideas and experiences.

Christina Founder

Detroit will always be home. I am committed to making the City better not only for those who are just discovering the opportunity that it offers but for the life long residents that never had a doubt, never gave up.

Robin McClaryYouth Employment Specialist, NYC

Many of our expats

are decision-makers

with budget power.

Our expat application and selection process creates a network of professionals who are in a position to be decisive and make big decisions.

Our community

is made up of

professionals from a

variety of industries

and sectors.

Our expat attendees represent a range of professional backgrounds in addition to personal interests. From startup founders to college professors, lawyers to fine artists, our audience provides for a robust experience.

Homecoming’s Impact

Our team has tallied more than $606 million in economic impact from local initiatives and projects led by or invested into by expats after attending Detroit Homecoming.

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A Director’s Welcome

Whether as a expat, a sponsor or a presenter, understand how you can be part of the Homecoming experience and Detroit’s comeback story.

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