Our Impact on Detroit and its Citizens

The expats who attend Detroit Homecoming utilize their passion, relationships, expertise, and resources in order to improve the quality if life for Detroit residents. Through using their good fortune to give back to a city which helped make them who they are, Detroit Homecoming expat attendees have become a resource for the scores of Detroit projects and initiatives in need of additional support.

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+10 Business Expansion

& Relocations

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+20 Publicly Announced

Real Estate Investments

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Over $212 million in

Total Investments

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+19 Pro-Bono


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+12 New


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+10 Business


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Real Connections. Expat Outcomes

Dr. Ponni Perumalswami has reconnected with former classmates from Wayne State University School of Medicine to explore innovative ways to engage providers and patients on major public health issues. They have since rolled out a new app for hepatitis C patients and their providers who help take care of infected patients (HepCure.org).

Tom Tierney, founder and now retired CEO of a health supplement company in California, reconnected with his alma mater, Wayne State University, at the inaugural Homecoming in 2014; his $2 million gift led to the dedication last September of Tierney House, the headquarters for alumni affairs, in the former Smiley Bros. mansion on Woodward Avenue.

Since attending Detroit Homecoming I, Susan Hassan joined the board of Make Your Date Inc., a nonprofit consortium of the City of Detroit, Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University and local businesses focused on reducing infant mortality in Detroit. Now in private equity investing, she is looking for investment opportunities in Detroit. She also is working with the Aspen Institute to bring the Aspen Fellowship experience to Detroit.

Jim Welch – Brought the luxury travel agency he founded with his wife in Chicago to suburban Detroit after attending Homecoming II. “Our business has actually really ramped up since we’ve moved back to the Detroit area. They achieved $1 million in sales in our first 18 months of being open, and our pace has only accelerated since that time. “ Through Homecoming, Welch met fellow expat Shawn Ward and has become an external advisor to Shawn’s urban experience travel web site, www.gibbyroad.com.

Expat Peter Cummings, who had left Detroit during the downturn and first attended Homecoming in 2014, has returned to create a new Detroit-based real estate company, The Platform. He’s engaged in Midtown and in Detroit neighborhoods, including the Baltimore Station neighborhood where Homecoming III’s Sept. 16, 2016, program was held, the Livernois/6 Mile neighborhood where Homecoming IV will visit, and the iconic Fisher Building and Albert Kahn buildings in New Center. The planned construction/redevelopment projects represent at least $250 million in economic activity in Detroit.

The CEO of Florida-based Dominion Asset Group, Teresa Sebastian, has invested in the DuCharme Place development in Lafayette Park; the Century Partners real estate project in the Atkinson area; and two other projects in the downtown vicinity.

Rick French, is the CEO of French/West/Vaughn, one of the largest independent public relations agencies in the United States. In an effort to assist the Motown Museum with their capital raise campaign, he hosted them for a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum. Rick also set up meetings with the Hall’s president, head of curatorial, development and marketing teams so they could provide Motown pointers on capital raise campaigns.

Andrena Hale, CEO of CakeAndCandyInk, helped foster a relationship that resulted in Jon Platt, chairman of Warner Chappell Music, being placed on the board of Motown Museum.

Justin Anderson is the associate director of Solidea Capital. He offers Solidea’s portfolio companies his expertise in the technology and finance space. One of those companies includes Detroit-based Golfler. He is also a strategic adviser to HiredKnives — a Detroit-based job portal for the hospitality industry.