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2020 Webcast Series:

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Virtual Art Salon

The Detroit Brand

Real Estate Forum: What's Next

Mobility: Demystifying Electrification

Mobility: Talent & Opportunities Ahead

Mobility: Michigan Avenue Corridor

UnDemo Day

Tech in the D The Last Frontier of Inequality


Stakeholder Capitalism

What This Pandemic Teaches Us

Talent in a Post Pandemic World

Corporate Response to Racial Equity Racial Justice Imperative

Social Media & Our Future

A History of American Exclusion and Immigration Migration

Fashion a Recovery

Detroit’s auto industry has been a manufacturing leader, from Henry Ford’s assembly line to “just-in-time” supply chains. Now the fashion and apparel industry could be leading the way in advancing sustainable products produced on-demand. Detroit is building itself to be a production hub for this growing industry.

We talk with some of the leaders in the fashion and industrial sewing industries about how Detroit can build more jobs through automated and computer-assisted on-demand manufacturing.

The Future of Cities After A Pandemic

EDUCATION LIFELINE: Detroit’s ‘Connected Futures’ Plan

Could Detroit – on a smaller scale – do better than the big urban systems that have tried to pull off a one-to-one laptop/digital learning platform for school children? We’ll find out in the Connected Futures project, a $23 million corporate and philanthropy-backed effort to distribute 51,000 tablets and internet connectivity to K-12 students in the city.

COVID-19 and the Impact on African-Americans

Coronavirus has been especially cruel to the African-American community in metro Detroit and across the country, statistics show. African Americans account for some 40 percent of COVID deaths in Michigan so far, though they represent just 14 percent of the population. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has proposed a task force to examine the problem. We explore the reasons why this community has been so vulnerable, and the efforts underway to find solutions.

COVID-19: Impact on Commercial Real Estate

What will happen to Detroit’s commercial real estate boom in this new normal? We talk to Southeast Michigan industry experts for insight about how the sudden conversion to remote work will impact the office space market.

Detroit vs. COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, Detroit Homecoming is going “virtual.” Together, we will review current realities and identify ways people who care about the city can support it through this crisis and beyond. This event was live on Thursday, May 14 for the first event, “Detroit vs. COVID-19”. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan will bring us up to date on the city’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. And we’ll hear from people – expats and locals – who are creating initiatives to support the city and its residents..

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