It didn’t take Detroit expat Benita Miller long to figure out that Jaymon English, a fourth-grader at Durfee Elementary-Middle School in Detroit, really liked art. 

During a book-writing tutoring session with third- and fourth-grade students on Wednesday, Miller asked Jaymon about his grade, his family and his favorite things, information that would later appear on an “About the Author” page in a short book he was writing with Miller’s help.

The 2019 Detroit Homecoming session at Durfee Innovation Society center, next to the elementary and middle school, was led by Beyond Basics, which has taken its one-on-one tutoring model to the Central Detroit center and is working with students in Detroit Public Schools Community District, among other places, to bring them up to grade level in reading.

At the request of Nikolai Vitti, superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District, Beyond Basics is looking to take its literacy tutoring over the next three years to 10,000 Detroit high school students who aren’t reading at grade level.

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