September 23 - 27, 2021

Detroit Homecoming is a celebration of the city by its former residents. For three days, our expats learn, network, and explore, discovering new ways to support the economic and social renaissance of their hometown.

Real Estate Forum & Development

Mobility & Innovation

Arts, Entertainment & Hospitality

Entrepreneurs & Small Business

Digital Divide & Workforce Training

Addressing The Wealth Gap

“Detroit’s greatest export isn’t cars – it’s people” – Richard Florida

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Enjoy Keynote Presentations and Fireside Chats with Industry Leaders

Be inspired and informed with our annual lineup of Detroit-raised or connected icons. Enjoy an expert analysis of Detroit’s past and future.

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Rosalind "Roz" Brewer

CEO, Starbucks

Lily Tomlin


Steve Ballmer

Fmr CEO, Microsoft

Byron Allen

Media Executive

Draymond Green

NBA Champion

Warren Buffett

Celebrated Investor

More Than a Conference

Be Part of a

World Class Networking

Connect with creative minds, company executives and local decision makers.

Amazing Food & Entertainment

Dine outdoors at Detroit's longstanding and new eateries. Enjoy live music performances.

Immersive Education

Tap into the change underway in Detroit through our neighborhood tours

Community Insights

Meet with various residents and community leaders. Hear their perspective on the city.

We Inspire Expats

To Make A Difference

Since our inaugural Homecoming in 2014, we have seen more than $600 million in Homecoming related investments benefit our city.

Be Inspired. Get Connected.

Join Passionate Detroiters

The event reframed the conversation about the city; we now talk about all the city is and can be instead of what it isn't and has not been.

Heather Joy ThompsonUS Diplomat

I have met incredible Detroiters and Michiganders both in and outside of the city, and I would highly recommend Detroit Homecoming.

Julia FarberSustainability Consultant

The message from Detroit Homecoming is clear: it's time for expats to come home and invest in Detroit.

Eric BahnCo-Founder of the Hustle Fund